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Ogwen Valley

An early morning run over to Ogwen Valley, sods law I went up the wrong side of the valley. All the cloud was over the Glyders and the nice light was on the Carneddau.

Chester Zoo

A family free afternoon at Chester Zoo meant I was able to spend a bit of time with the Orangutans and see these amazing creatures at play.

Llanddwyn Island

The Cambrian Rally put pay to a day of mountain biking but a visit to Llanddwyn Island was a good consolation prize.

Scotland Summer Holiday

A great summer holiday in the highlands with the family, but time for a few photos as well. Here are the ones without the kids jumping all over the shot…

Rhyl Airshow

Some photos from Rhyl Air Show. it was a great show this year with some interesting planes. The Bronco was very colourful in the sky and the Pitt’s of the Trig team and the RV8’s of Team Raven both put on a great aerobatic show.


Chester Zoo in the Sun

The sun was out and so were the crowds on Sunday at Chester Zoo, but the animals were too and seemed to be enjoying themselves. The elephants splashed in the pool while the orangutans adopted a more thoughtful approach.

Matt Perrins Photography
Photo Galleries

My photographic journey started with a blank space on the lounge wall. I was looking to buy a picture to fill it and couldn’t find one that was just right, so I decided to take one instead.

From that simple start my photography grew from just owning a camera to something that’s now an important part of my life. I try to capture subjects that interest me, from the wild mountains of the Snowdonia and the Lake District, to the amazing animals found in our Zoos with the odd aeroplane thrown in. Have a look around the Photo Galleries, I hope you see a picture you like.

As for that wall, I haven’t taken the perfect one yet….